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“There has GOT to be more to life than this!!” is what I told myself in the mirror September 2008.

After 2 years of daily fast food, many energy drinks and playing video games 8-10 hours every night, I found myself looking at a dude I didn’t even recognize in the mirror. In my heart and soul I was a high energy, passionate, dedicated GO GETTER! But that is far from who I saw looking back at me in the mirror. I had let myself go for too long. Enough was enough. I knew there was more to life than just surviving paycheck to paycheck, living with chronic pain, being 50lbs overweight, and having ZERO confidence in myself. I put my foot down that night and made the decision that I was going to start creating the man and leader that I knew I could be.

After many months and years of sacrifices, hard work, patience and failures, I not only shed that 50lbs, but I was able to experience the effects that had on my ENTIRE life. Relationships, finances, self image, friendships, it ALL was changed forever in the best way. I became that man I knew I was in my heart and soul. Instead of being a flake, hiding from all social gatherings and living in my own selfish shell, I now THRIVE in communities and connecting with like-minded, motivated individuals. Through this process I discovered a pure PASSION for helping others improve their lives the way that mine has. Walking through daily life in a state of paralysis with no vision, no goals, living paycheck to paycheck and no self confidence is a path that ultimately leads to a long life of simply being miserable.

Because of creating the confidence and lifestyle that I have always wanted, I am now to live a balanced, active lifestyle that has NO LIMITS. I’ve learned to unleash that part of my mind that had always said “You can’t achieve ___”. Want something bad enough? Then you have to face those fears, do it anyways and WORK for it. I have now dedicated my life to helping others achieve that confidence that they have always wanted so that they can use it to THRIVE in whatever goals they set!

THERE IS MORE TO LIFE THAN THIS! It’s up to YOU to make that same decision that you are going to do whatever it takes to create the person that you want to be. It can start right now. This very moment. It takes that one decision that you are FED UP! Isn’t it your time to shine?