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Your #1 Priority

What is up guys?

Let’s talk about some real priorities today. Priorities! Priorities! Priorities!

I am a big, big believer in that idea that you need to start making yourself a priority.

  • This comes down to time management
  • This comes down to exercise
  • This comes down to eating the right nutritious foods

Name it!


So listen up, I have noticed big trend lately within the whole business owner arena and even many of the people in which I have a close network with.

Our fellow entrepreneurs are not capping out their level of success where they should and not because they’re not working their butts off but because they’re not making themselves a priority!

YOU need to start making yourself a priority.

When you don’t focus on improving your mind and your body, what good are you? Really, what good are you to your business, your family, your friends, your children? What good are you if you feel like shit every day?

I hit a low point in my life back in November where I had put on about 20, 25 pounds.


That was a bad time in my life.

  • My business partners were getting the “shittiest” version of myself.
  • My family didn’t have me at my best.
  • I didn’t have me at my best.

I was emotionally distressed all the time, disconnected from my family and myself.


Soon I realized that I needed to put myself together first. I started waking up early. Instead of sleeping in 8 to 9 o’clock every morning, I started waking up at 5:30.

For me, my break and my reset for the day to jumpstart was getting into the gym, going home, reading personal growth style books (Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss, Les Brown, Johnson Maxwell, all those guys.)


I hit a point where I said, “Enough is enough. I don’t care how great my business is going if I feel like crap all the time. What good am I to anyone else if I’m running on empty all the time?”

What do you need to start doing NOW to improve yourself?

For a lot of you, you’re limiting your own level of success not because you’re not putting in the work or the money or anything that goes along business terms. You simply aren’t putting enough into yourself. It’s because of YOU. You need to look at yourself and find places that need improvement just as you would your business.

You need to start improving on your priorities – Your mentality and your body on a physical level.


We only get this one short life on this physical earth. It’s such a short amount of time and a lot of you are stuck, not even caring. You think that if you just work harder in your business, you’re going to reach that next level of success. That’s not necessarily the case.

Frankly, some of you might be so much happier if you made less money. If you had great physical health and better relationships then you would be ten times happier. That’s what I have learned.

For me, it has taken me four to five solid months of working my tail off on my personal self – my mentality and my physical body – to reach a level of balance that I have in my life right now. I just want to share that with some of you guys.

Like I often says, this message isn’t for everybody. It’s for those one or two people out there reading this right now, that are stuck in a rut, and so much so that you physically and mentally feel like crap.


Just remember this: when you feel your best, you give your best to everything.

  • When you feel your best your BUSINESS does better.

  • When you feel your best your FAMILY does better.

  • When you feel your best, YOU do better… you sleep better, you eat better.


All of these things go together and you will start to feel amazing. All this, however, takes work and you have got to make it a PRIORITY.

Get to it!


This has been Chaz.

Peace out.

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